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142 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
8684 Koha Acquisit jonathan.druart Need --- Duplicate check for creating items on order broken 2015-04-13
13930 Koha Web serv koha-bugs Need --- Add supporting service svc/ncip for xnciptoolkit driver 2015-04-17
11024 Koha Hold req olli-antti.kivilahti Need --- Transfer limits should be respected in the build_holds_queue.pl -script. 2013-11-26
11213 Koha OPAC srdjan Need --- GetItemsInfo() called twice 2015-05-11
12216 Koha Packagin martin.renvoize Need --- One should be able to override zebra configuration on a per instance basis 2014-08-19
13391 Koha Catalogi abl Need --- MARC 008 builder plugin not compatible with browser autocompletion 2015-02-26
14155 Koha Hold req alex.arnaud Need --- Placing holds via ILSDI bypass some checks 2015-05-06
10424 Koha Acquisit amitddng135 Need --- Search against order numbers and pull up the related invoice to see when the item was receipted 2015-04-04
10440 Koha Acquisit amitddng135 Need --- During receipting for any holds attached to items being receipted, to be identified during the receipting process. 2015-04-18
13666 Koha SIP2 benjamin.rokseth Need --- Allow SIP2 checkin/checkout to get branch from institution_id field AO 2015-03-09
12017 Koha I18N/L10 bgkriegel Need --- Move language description out of database 2015-05-19
14245 Koha OPAC bgkriegel Need --- RIS in unimarc flavour is still deficient Thu 17:34
12225 Koha SIP2 colin.campbell Need --- SIP does not respect the "no block" flag 2015-05-15
13807 Koha SIP2 colin.campbell Need --- SIPServer Input loop not checking for closed connections reliably 2015-03-06
14031 Koha Z39.50 / dcook Need --- Itemnumber should be a numeric search in ccl.properties 2015-04-21
10067 Koha Circulat eskaaren Need --- decreaseLoanHighHolds messes with specify due date 17:25:10
8688 Koha Circulat fcapovilla Need --- Add a recall button to the biblio record details page. 2015-05-14
11297 Koha Z39.50 / fcapovilla Need --- Add support for custom PQF attributes for Z39.50 server searches. 2015-05-17
11317 Koha Reports fcapovilla Need --- Add a way to access files from the intranet. 2015-05-09
11807 Koha Authenti fcapovilla Need --- Add categorycode conversions to LDAP authentication. 2014-12-31
11808 Koha Authenti fcapovilla Need --- When searching for a cardnumber in the intranet, also try to search for it on the LDAP server if one is configured. 2015-03-26
11190 Koha Command- frederic Need --- sitemap.pl -- Generate a Catalog sitemap 2015-04-16
13146 Koha Architec frederic Need --- Improve GetRecordValue function by caching field mapping 2015-02-16
9351 Koha Circulat fridolyn.somers Need --- item type not recorded correctly in statistics for returns and some local use Sun 12:44
11122 Koha Acquisit fridolyn.somers Need --- publisher code and publication year not fetched in acq orders 2015-04-29
13760 Koha Catalogi fridolyn.somers Need --- Authorities merge sometimes create duplicate fields in biblio 2015-04-01
13762 Koha Catalogi fridolyn.somers Need --- biblionumber field and subfield can be called once in authorities merge 2015-02-26
14078 Koha Catalogi fridolyn.somers Need --- converting from ISO5426 is not complete Fri 15:55
13219 Koha Reports gmcharlt Need --- Add graphs to guided reports Thu 05:21
13231 Koha Searchin gmcharlt Need --- ISBD/AACR2 punctuation causes double facets 2015-05-18
14154 Koha Searchin gmcharlt Need --- 608$9 defined twice in UNIMARC biblio-koha-indexdefs.xml Wed 20:16
13642 Koha OPAC hector.hecaxmmx Need --- Adding new features for Dublin Core metadata Sun 22:13
12146 Koha Installa indradg Need --- Add new ISO code column to currency sample files 2015-05-16
14206 Koha Notices indradg Need --- notices using non email templates can't be deleted from the staff client Mon 00:01
14240 Koha Notices indradg Need --- Add '(All libraries)' to notice deletion confirmation page Thu 01:58
14268 Koha Template indradg Need --- Change Localsyspref type entry to dropdown 21:19:56
9809 Koha Hold req jonathan.druart Need --- Get rid of reserveconstraints 2015-04-10
9942 Koha Circulat jonathan.druart Need --- Circulation module cannot anonymise if anonymity user is not set up correctly. 2015-04-09
10181 Koha Template jonathan.druart Need --- Improve message shown for deleted records in basket summary page 2015-04-15
10933 Koha Architec jonathan.druart Need --- PurgeSearchHistory should be merged into the C4::Search::History module 2015-02-16
11311 Koha OPAC jonathan.druart Need --- Browse selected authorities 2015-03-05
12178 Koha Serials jonathan.druart Need --- Serial claims: exporting late issues with the CSV profile doesn't set the issue claimed 2015-04-29
12204 Koha Notices jonathan.druart Need --- in RESERVESLIP, any 'reserve' field is not being expanded correctly. 2015-05-06
12993 Koha Acquisit jonathan.druart Need --- Add a default tax rate on item types 2015-01-19
13371 Koha Acquisit jonathan.druart Need --- Add filters to the supplier list view 2015-04-22
13726 Koha Architec jonathan.druart Need --- Koha::Acquisition::Bookseller should use Koha::Object 2015-03-18
13805 Koha Architec jonathan.druart Need --- Installer does not work under Plack 2015-04-24
13914 Koha Reports jonathan.druart Need --- The holds statistics report returns random data 2015-04-27
14045 Koha Circulat jonathan.druart Need --- Add specific quotas to on-site checkout Wed 11:06
14060 Koha Architec jonathan.druart Need --- Remove readonly on date inputs 2015-04-27
14197 Koha Test Sui jonathan.druart Need --- Warning raised by TestBuilder 2015-05-13
14256 Koha Test Sui jonathan.druart Need --- tests for TestBuilder randomly fails Sun 15:16
14263 Koha I18N/L10 jonathan.druart Need --- Export of CSV from item search form does only work in English Sun 16:09
14264 Koha Acquisit jonathan.druart Need --- Export of CSV from late orders form does only work in English Sun 16:09
14097 Koha Test Sui julian.fiol Need --- Add unit tests to C4::UsageStats Sat 20:19
7679 Koha Reports julian.maurice Need --- Statistics wizard: circulation (new filters) 2015-05-17
8993 Koha Authenti julian.maurice Need --- LDAP authentication improvements: multiple branch and transformation modules 2015-04-21
11870 Koha Acquisit julian.maurice Need --- Add more informations to histsearch.pl results 2014-03-04
11904 Koha Architec julian.maurice Need --- Proposal for a uniform way to send messages to user interface 2015-04-27
11999 Koha Hold req julian.maurice Need --- Add two checks in CanBookBeReserved and CanItemBeReserved 2015-04-23
13029 Koha Notices julian.maurice Need --- Allow to pass additional parameters to SMS::Send drivers 2015-04-21
13799 Koha Architec julian.maurice Need --- Add base for building RESTful API Mon 10:58
13895 Koha Web serv julian.maurice Need --- Add API routes for issues retrieval and renewal 2015-03-23
13903 Koha Web serv julian.maurice Need --- Add API routes to list, create, update, delete reserves 2015-03-30
13920 Koha Web serv julian.maurice Need --- API authentication system - proposal 2015-03-27
13935 Koha Web serv julian.maurice Need --- Add API route to list borrower's accountlines 2015-04-01
11559 Koha Catalogi jweaver Need --- Professional cataloger's interface 2015-05-20
11620 Koha Searchin katrin.fischer Need --- Add dissertation-information index for non-UNIMARC installations 12:02:22
13619 Koha Acquisit katrin.fischer Need --- Acq home: ensure 'manage suggestions' goes to pending suggestions Mon 07:25
13946 Koha Template katrin.fischer Need --- Change order status 'Pending' to ordered like in database Mon 09:35
13972 Koha Serials katrin.fischer Need --- Include fields from subscription and serial table in serial notification email 15:06:33
14029 Koha Reports katrin.fischer Need --- Provide link to clear reports search filters Mon 09:18
14163 Koha Acquisit katrin.fischer Need --- "Show all" on order page confusing Mon 08:49
14269 Koha OPAC katrin.fischer Need --- OPAC: Small template improvements to full serial history page Mon 10:19
7143 Koha About koha-bugs Need --- Bug for tracking changes to the about page Mon 10:34
13630 Koha Circulat koha-bugs Need --- Angular-based circulation client Fri 11:58
13742 Koha Notices koha-bugs Need --- Object accessor for overduerules- and overduerules_transport_types-tables. 2015-02-20
14142 Koha Hold req koha-bugs Need --- Holds queue viewer only displays first subtitle from marc keyword mappings 2015-05-04
14153 Koha System A koha-bugs Need --- Noisy warns in admin/transport-cost-matrix.pl 2015-05-06
9004 Koha Notices kyle Need --- Talking Tech doesn't account for holidays when calculating a holds last pickup date. 2015-01-23
9021 Koha Notices kyle Need --- Add SMS via email as an alternative to SMS services via SMS::Send drivers 2015-02-12
9316 Koha Installa kyle Need --- Add Nginx install options with plack 2014-03-13
12066 Koha Circulat kyle Need --- New renew page in staff client doesn't record branch in statistics Wed 15:34
12357 Koha Catalogi kyle Need --- Enhancements to RIS and BibTeX exporting Mon 04:24
12421 Koha OPAC kyle Need --- no way to get back to search results from overdrive results 2015-03-12
12904 Koha Architec kyle Need --- Force browser to load new javascript files after upgrade 2015-01-20
13517 Koha Hold req kyle Need --- Show waiting date on reserve/request.pl 2015-03-26
13590 Koha Circulat kyle Need --- Add ability to charge fines at start of charge period 2015-05-01
13717 Koha Tools kyle Need --- Add ability to move old patron attributes when importing borrowers 2015-03-26
13719 Koha Architec kyle Need --- Make Koha::Objects store list of resultant objects on an as needed basis 2015-02-27
13851 Koha Architec kyle Need --- Replace waiting holds logic in circulation.pl with Koha Objects 2015-04-20
13853 Koha Patrons kyle Need --- Show waiting hold expiration date for waiting holds in holds ajax datatable 2015-03-18
13918 Koha OPAC kyle Need --- Add waiting expiration date to opac list of holds for user 2015-03-26
14134 Koha Hold req kyle Need --- Make "Holds over" show holds expiring tomorrow if ExpireReservesMaxPickUpDelay is set 2015-05-04
14137 Koha Hold req kyle Need --- Allow ExpireReservesMaxPickUpDelayCharge to be used without ExpireReservesMaxPickUpDelay 2015-05-04
9743 Koha Hold req m.de.rooy Need --- Allow customization for making hold notes required 2015-02-19
13971 Koha Packagin m.de.rooy Need --- Adjusted locations in koha-rebuild-zebra for gitified instance 2015-04-09
12027 Koha Authenti martin.renvoize Need --- Shibboleth authentication for staff client 2015-01-27
12289 Koha Command- martin.renvoize Need --- stage_file.pl does not allow control of nomatch options 2015-02-26
13448 Koha Reports martin.renvoize Need --- runreport.pl html email striping 2015-02-26
11496 Koha Catalogi matthias.meusburger Need --- The number of tested records when searching for duplicates during import is too low 2015-04-14
11315 Koha MARC Aut maxime.beaulieu Need --- Add support for subfield deletion when doing authority merges. 2015-02-25
11373 Koha Circulat maxime.beaulieu Need --- Add a "cash register" feature to the fine payment form. 2015-03-13
13811 Koha Command- maxime.beaulieu Need --- Silent Cronjobs 2015-04-13
11130 Koha Searchin mirko Need --- Change pl Place-publication index for Marc21 2014-03-26
12137 Koha System A mtompset Need --- Extend CalendarFirstDayOfWeek to be any day 2015-03-19
14001 Koha Tools mtompset Need --- Inventory is not plack friendly 2015-04-29
14076 Koha OPAC mtompset Need --- Noisy warns in opac-authorities-home.pl 2015-05-16
14112 Koha Test Sui mtompset Need --- Silence warnings t/Charset.t Fri 13:05
14113 Koha Test Sui mtompset Need --- Silence warnings t/Date.t Fri 17:13
14115 Koha Test Sui mtompset Need --- Silence warnings t/Label* Fri 17:36
14121 Koha Test Sui mtompset Need --- Silence warnings t/db_dependent/Auth_with_cas.t 2015-05-16
11358 Koha OPAC oleonard Need --- Use Amazon's HTTPS URLs for covers when using HTTPS in Koha. 2015-03-16
13774 Koha OPAC oleonard Need --- Add the unique anchors of news as links in the RSS for news in Opac 2015-05-15
11175 Koha Catalogi olli-antti.kivilahti Need --- Show the parent record's component parts in the detailed views. 2014-07-22
11194 Koha Searchin olli-antti.kivilahti Need --- Add a new index for "Edition Statement" of a MARC Record 2015-03-18
12099 Koha Command- olli-antti.kivilahti Need --- process_message_queue.pl tells it sends print mails even if it doesn't. 2015-04-28
12586 Koha Catalogi olli-antti.kivilahti Need --- Record matching rules - Required match checks doesn't work with MARCXML 2014-07-22
12625 Koha Catalogi olli-antti.kivilahti Need --- Batch delete component parts when deleting the parent from detailed-view 2015-02-26
12902 Koha Test Sui olli-antti.kivilahti Need --- Cronjob monitoring script, nagios3 compatible 2014-09-11
12923 Koha Notices olli-antti.kivilahti Need --- Improve error logging for advance_notices.pl; Show borrowernumber when no letter of type is found and force utf8 output. 2014-12-15
13660 Koha Searchin olli-antti.kivilahti Need --- rebuild_zebra_sliced.sh - Exclude export phase and use existing exported MARCXML. 2015-02-26
13707 Koha Database olli-antti.kivilahti Need --- Adding a new column datereceived for items and biblioitems 2015-03-02
14188 Koha Circulat olli-antti.kivilahti Need --- branchtransfers GetAllTransfers and GetAllPendingTransfers functions to ease testing. 2015-05-12
11674 Koha I18N/L10 pasi.kallinen Need --- Configuration for MARC field doc URLs 2014-05-13
11300 Koha Catalogi philippe.blouin Need --- Add a new authority linker which searches for authority links on a Z39.50 server. 2015-04-16
11651 Koha Hold req rkopaczka Need --- Add possibility to print holds from holds queue 2015-04-17
13607 Koha Patrons robin Need --- Patron management API 2015-05-10
13932 Koha Authenti robin Need --- Allow a header to be considered trusted to provide the userid 2015-04-29
10076 Koha Notices simith.doliveira Need --- Add Bcc syspref for claimacquisition and clamissues 2014-09-05
12528 Koha Patrons simith.doliveira Need --- Enable staff to deny message setting access to patrons on the OPAC 2015-03-11
12768 Koha System A simith.doliveira Need --- Replacement cost and processing fee management 2015-05-19
12770 Koha Notices simith.doliveira Need --- Notice template tool enhancement 2015-03-03
11247 Koha Catalogi srdjan Need --- Remove unused params from TransformHtmlToXml() 2015-05-08
12952 Koha Transact srdjan Need --- Log koha actions to syslog too 2014-09-26
13413 Koha Architec srdjan Need --- Koha::Log - an attempt to have sane logging in Koha 2015-05-07
6815 Koha Patrons tomascohen Need --- Capture member photo via webcam 20:50:12
10988 Koha Authenti vanoudt Need --- Allow login via Google OAuth2 2015-04-21
14131 Koha Label/pa veron Need --- Patroncard: Add possibility to print from patron lists 2015-05-05
14143 Koha Patrons veron Need --- Patron cards: Crash (confusion between table names creator_templates and club_template_enrollment_fields Sun 16:20
13387 Koha Template wsalesky Need --- Uniform titles (130 / 240 / 730) Display in XSLT 2015-04-29
14247 Koha System A xarragon Need --- System preference for news author display 16:10:38
142 bugs found.
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