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Component Default Assignee Default QA Contact
About Bugs List Testopia
About Koha page on staff interface (server info report, dev team credits, translation team credits, etc.)
Accessibility Martin Renvoize Testopia
All bugs accessibility related. Often an accessibility issue will span multiple Koha modules and/or interfaces.
Acquisitions Bugs List Testopia
Acquisitions module (vendors, funds, budgets, currencies, ordering, receiving, claims, etc.)
Architecture, internals, and plumbing Bugs List Testopia
System design issues and cross-module bugs
Authentication Bugs List Testopia
Koha's staff and patron authentication system
Browser compatibility Owen Leonard Testopia
Herein record bugs concerning cases where Koha behaves in unexpected ways or fails depending on the web browser being used. Applies to both staff and OPAC bugs.
bugs.koha-community.org Bugs List Testopia
Bugs or issues with bugzilla itself
Cataloging Bugs List Testopia
Cataloging module (add, edit, delete bibliographic and items data)
Circulation Bugs List Testopia
Circulation module (check out, check in, etc.) Hold requests amd fines/patron accounts get separate components.
Command-line Utilities Bugs List Testopia
Command-line Utilities (mainly in misc/)
contribs.koha-community.org Bugs List Testopia
Bugs or issues with Koha's extensions manager
Course reserves Bugs List Testopia
Course reserves, including maintaining information about courses and putting items on and off course reserve.
Database Bugs List Testopia
Koha database design issues, etc.
Developer documentation Bugs List Testopia
Documentation about developing for Koha
Documentation Bugs List Testopia
Koha documentation (technical, administrative and user, but excluding developer documentation)
ERM Jonathan Druart
Electronic resource management
Fines and fees Bugs List Testopia
Bugs regarding fines and fees charged to patrons
Hold requests Bugs List Testopia
Circulation hold requests, including staff and OPAC functionality.
Holidays Bugs List Testopia
Holidays module (calendar)
I18N/L10N Bugs List Testopia
Bugs or issues with internationalization and localization support
ILL Bugs List
Interlibrary Loan Module
importedbugs Bugs List Testopia
imported bugs
Installation and upgrade (command-line installer) Bugs List Testopia
Command-line installation and/or installation instructions (stage one of installation)
Installation and upgrade (web-based installer) Bugs List Testopia
Web-based installer (stage two of installation)
Label/patron card printing Chris Nighswonger Testopia
Spine labels, patron cards, and barcode printing
Lists Bugs List Testopia
Lists (previously known as "Virtual Shelves"
Mana-kb Bugs List
Mana-kb related tickets. Use this product when you want to declare something related to the Mana-kb code inside Koha. For server-side code please use the "Mana-kb (server)" component of the "Koha infrastructure" product.
MARC Authority data support Bugs List Testopia
Bugs or issues with Koha's support for the MARC standard for authority data (MARC21, UNIMARC, etc.)
MARC Bibliographic data support Bugs List Testopia
Bugs or issues with Koha's support for the MARC standard for bibliographic data (MARC21, UNIMARC, etc.)
MARC Bibliographic record staging/import Bugs List Testopia
MARC Bibliographic record staging/import utility (overlays, match points, staging environment, import, undo, etc.)
Notices Bugs List Testopia
Notices module (letters)
OPAC Owen Leonard Testopia
Online Public Access Catalog (patron-facing interface)
Packaging Bugs List Testopia
All bugs and enhancement requests to do with the Debian packaging of Koha
Patrons Bugs List Testopia
Patrons module (a.k.a., members/borrowers/users)
Plugin architecture Bugs List Testopia
Plugin infrastructure, hooks etc.
Preservation Bugs List Testopia
Bugs or issues with the preservation module.
Reports Bugs List Testopia
Reports module (one-off, stats wizards, guided reports, data dictionary, etc.)
REST API Bugs List
Related to the REST API
Searching Bugs List Testopia
Searching the bibliographic, authority databases (general bugs)
Searching - Elasticsearch Bugs List
Elasticsearch specific bugs
Searching - Zebra Bugs List
Zebra specific bugs
Self checkout Bugs List Testopia
Bugs for Koha's self checkout functionality. This applies to Koha's built-in self-checkout feature; bugs involving a SIP2 third-party SCO devices should be filed in the SIP2 component.
Serials Bugs List Testopia
Serials module (periodicals, journals, magazines, monographic series, newspapers, continuations, etc.)
SIP2 Bugs List Testopia
SIP2 module
Staff interface Bugs List Testopia
General bugs or issues with the staff interface
Style guide Owen Leonard Martin Renvoize
All things related to the Koha style guide
System Administration Bugs List Testopia
Bugs with setting Koha parameters (/admin/ directory)
Task Scheduler Bugs List Testopia
Task scheduler tool
Templates Owen Leonard Testopia
Bugs / errors in the the koha templates
Test Suite Chris Cormack Testopia
Bugs and enhancements to the test suite itself and/or issues that were created by tests themselves
Tools Bugs List Testopia
Bugs or issues with utilities in the tools/ dir that don't have their own component
Transaction logs Bugs List Testopia
Transaction log utility
translate.koha-community.org Bugs List Testopia
Bugs or issues with Koha's translation manager
Web services Bugs List Testopia
Web services provided by Koha, including ILS-DI, OAI-PMH, and others.
Websites, Mailing Lists, etc Liz Rea Testopia
Bugs or issues with the main Koha Web site (koha-community.org), or related sites (translate.koha-community.org, lists.koha-community.org, bugs.koha-community.org, etc.
Z39.50 / SRU / OpenSearch Servers Bugs List Testopia
Bugs or issues with Koha's Z39.50, SRU, and OpenSearch Servers