Project Infrastructure

For logging bugs related to the Koha project infrastructure. Not Koha itself. You almost certainly don't want to log a bug here, but under the Koha project.

Select a component to see open bugs in that component.

Component Default Assignee Default QA Contact
Bugzilla Jonathan Druart
Bug or request related to the bug tracker itself
Continuous Integration Tomás Cohen Arazi
Bugs to do with CI (eg Jenkins)
Hea Chris Cormack Jonathan Druart
Things to do with
Mana-kb (server) Bugs List
Mana-kb related tickets. Use this product when you want to declare something related to server. If you have a problem with Mana-kb usage within Koha, please use the relevant Koha component.
Project website Liz Rea
Bugs related to main project website
QA tools Jonathan Druart
Tools for doing qa
Release tools Jonathan Druart
Bugs related to the release tools repo (;a=summary)