Name Description Open Bugs Total Bugs
Academy Bugs for the catalyst Academy Search 283
additional_work_needed Can be used to express an additional need when a patch has been pushed: - a regression has been found - something else is needed - answer is waiting Search 1
dependency Introducing a new dependency ... do you really need this? If so, you should have a go at packaging it yourself. Search 32
Manual bugs needing updates in the manual Search 19
NeedsMoreQA Needs another set of eyes Search 1
needs_rfc The community process requires a voted RFC for this type of development Search 5
nowheezy Will not work on wheezy Search 3
regression regression Search 15
release-notes-needed We need a text to in the release notes before the next release Search 25
rel_17_11_candidate Candidates for 17.11 Search 5
rel_18_05_candidate Candidates for 18.05 Search 1
rel_18_11_candidate Candidates for 18.11 Search 1
rel_3_14_candidate Enhancement and new feature bugs that are candidates for inclusion in 3.14, either due to meeting the feature freeze deadline or per RM discretion. Search 59
rel_3_16_4_candidate candidate for inclusion in 3.16.4 Search 22
rel_3_16_5_candidate candidates for inclusion in 3.16.5. Search 1
rel_3_16_candidate Bugs that are candidates for inclusion in 3.16.0 as a result of feature freeze and/or RM discretion. Search 66
rel_3_18_candidate Bugs the RM has tagged for the 3.18.0 release Search 31
rel_3_20_candidate Bugs that someone thinks might be for 3.20.x Search 1
rel_3_22_candidate Stuff that might make it into 3.22 Search 7
RM_priority Tagged as priority by the Release Manager Search 3