Name Description Open Bugs Total Bugs
Academy Bugs for the catalyst Academy Search 595
additional_work_needed Can be used to express an additional need when a patch has been pushed: - a regression has been found - something else is needed - answer is waiting none none
dependency Introducing a new dependency ... do you really need this? If so, you should have a go at packaging it yourself. Search 43
Manual bugs needing updates in the manual Search 13
NeedsMoreQA Needs another set of eyes Search 1
needs_rfc The community process requires a voted RFC for this type of development Search 4
nowheezy Will not work on wheezy Search 3
regression regression Search 26
release-notes-needed We need a text to in the release notes before the next release Search 29
rel_20_11_candidate Patches that need to be backported into stable Search 6
rel_21_05_candidate Candidates for 21.05 This can be either features that missed 20.11 and should target 21.05, or marked by the RM to limit the scope of the last patches to focus on. Search 34
RM_priority Tagged as priority by the Release Manager Search 9