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Koha (bug list) (Note: only 10 votes allowed per bug in this product.)
10 8838 Digest option for HOLD notice (Show Votes)
7 14210 Manage staged MARC records deletes replaced item when undoing import into catalog (Show Votes)
1 17350 Add option to delete data stored in saved_reports with cleanup_database (Show Votes)
10 21860 Marc modification templates cannot check or change indicators (Show Votes)
1 21919 Fast Add Cataloging UX Enhancements (Show Votes)
1 22018 Add an option to 'AllowEarlyRenewal' to enable users to renew before the autorenew date (Show Votes)
10 26128 Proxy Error while importing a large number of patrons (e.g. 6000 patrons) with Plack (Show Votes)
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