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Koha (bug list) (Note: only 10 votes allowed per bug in this product.)
10 6393 Ability to pick which records to import from staged record lists (Show Votes)
10 9589 Authorities to authorities linker (Show Votes)
10 15563 Add option to regularly delete patroncard and label batches to cronjob (Show Votes)
10 16535 Add the date on which the suggestion was managed on Purchase suggestions tab (Show Votes)
10 18583 Add the ability to merge multiple authorities (Show Votes)
10 18823 Advanced editor - Rancor - add ability to edit records in import batches (Show Votes)
10 21472 Links in Additional Formats section of bib details do not work (Show Votes)
10 22785 Manage Multiple Matches when importing through Stage Marc Record Import (Show Votes)
10 23019 Ability to create 'matching profiles' when importing records (Show Votes)
10 23349 Add batch operations to staff interface catalog search results (Show Votes)
10 23707 Z39.50 import goes to Basic Editor, even when Advanced editor is enabled (Show Votes)
10 23988 When replace record with z39.50, give option on what gets pre-populated (Show Votes)
10 25163 Add the ability to bulk attach items to a bib record (Show Votes)
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