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10 5463 Limit to available shows on hold items (Show Votes)
10 7012 Limit to available does not exclude in-transit items (Show Votes)
10 14962 Temp Shelving Location (Show Votes)
10 23010 If an item is checked out or in transit it should not be able to be marked withdrawn (Show Votes)
10 25159 Action logs should be stored in JSON (and as a diff of the change) (Show Votes)
10 26746 Variables available for selecting into notices are misleading (Show Votes)
10 27834 CircControl syspref is used wrong in TooMany function C4::Circulation (Show Votes)
10 28896 Checkin Slip doesn't work for anonymized checkouts (Show Votes)
10 29490 Preview for more notices (Show Votes)
10 30910 Allow local definition of temporary shelving locations (Show Votes)
10 31168 Temporary Item Locations (Show Votes)
10 31171 Remember user-selected sort in a given session for purchase suggestions (Show Votes)
10 31349 Add option to not update items.permanent_location when editing items.location (Show Votes)
10 31698 Add ability to move a hold to a new biblio/item (Show Votes)
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