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Koha (bug list) (Note: only 10 votes allowed per bug in this product.)
10 10758 Show bibliographic information of deleted records in acquisitions (Show Votes)
5 18787 Create permission profiles for staff users (Show Votes)
5 19361 Linking an authorised value category to a field in a framework can lose data (Show Votes)
5 23565 Add columns configuration and export options to item search results (Show Votes)
5 31256 Circ rules batch modification (Show Votes)
3 31261 Curbside pickups - remove slots in the past (Show Votes)
2 31262 Curbside pickups - disable dates without slots (Show Votes)
5 31263 Curbside pickups - Should the patron be able to alert even if not staged (Show Votes)
2 31264 CalendarFirstDayOfWeek not taken into account when configuring curbside pickups (Show Votes)
5 31265 Curbside pickups - improve slots selection (Show Votes)
4 31266 Curbside pickups - New messaging preference (Show Votes)
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