Bug 19249

Summary: Date picker broken in "Quick add new patron" form
Product: Koha Reporter: Fridolin Somers <fridolin.somers>
Component: PatronsAssignee: Bugs List <koha-bugs>
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Priority: P5 - low CC: christophe.croullebois, feli, gmcharlt, jonathan.druart+koha, katrin.fischer, kyle.m.hall, nick, oleonard, sally.healey
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Description Fridolin Somers 2017-09-04 11:00:04 UTC
If a date input like date of birth is mandatory, in quick add brief form the calendar icon appears but clicking on it does nothing.
This is because quick add brief form creates a clone of inputs in the original form.
An input with date picker is changed and linked to Javascript code (see calendar.inc) so it can not be cloned.

Note also that creating a clone of an input in another form does not update the form value in its DOM. It can generate errors.

In my opinion this feature should be reconsidered to hide unwanted fields instead of cloning wanted ones. Many bugs may be avoided.
Comment 1 Fridolin Somers 2017-09-04 11:02:43 UTC
Also date of birth has a small JS code showing age when date is changed.
Comment 2 Feli Kramer 2017-09-23 14:24:28 UTC
How to reproduce this bug?

1. In the system preferences, add "dateofbirth" to "Patrons > General > BorrowerMandatoryField".
2. Go to the "Patrons" page.
3. Click "Quick add new patron" and select a patron category.
4. You will be shown the brief form.
5. Click on the calendar icon next to the "Date of birth" input field.
Comment 3 Katrin Fischer 2019-08-18 10:28:51 UTC
This is still valid - when marking dateofbirth mandatory, the datepicker doesn't work on the quick add patron form.
Comment 4 Jonathan Druart 2019-09-01 19:48:53 UTC
Yes, as well as all other date fields.

As Fridolin said we should rework the way the fields are displayed/hidden. It's not an easy fix.
Comment 5 Sally 2022-06-15 13:10:30 UTC
I came here to log this bug - the clone of inputs has been giving me a headache this week when trying to target those areas with jQuery, and the non-working datepicker is a real issue for us.

I realise it's not an easy fix from what's been said, but just adding a 'still valid' comment.
Comment 6 Katrin Fischer 2022-06-17 21:00:48 UTC
I can confirm this is still an issue on master. Kind of a sore spot: a quick is not as quick with a broken datepicker.